May 162014

I am writing this actually for myself.

When defining a XPath Filter and you are using the Context Resolver, the format of the context properties xml document that the XPath will run against is:

  <Property name=”SourceCharset” namespace=””>utf-16</Property>


So the filter expression would looks something like this:

/ContextProperties/Property[@name=’SourceCharset’ and @namespace=’’]/text()=”utf-16”

May 032014

BizTalk 2013’s ESB Toolkit has a bug: The XPath filter will never work.

The assembly that is deployed has a bad bad extension

Assembly in the GAC

So, troche make sure you rename the extension before running an itinerary that uses the broker service

(I have already applied BTS CU2, malady which stated that there were three ESB fixes, this obviously wasn’t one of them!)