Oct 202014

“What happens when bad data is passed through the ESB, dosage can I correct it? How can I correct it? When it is put back on the bus, case where does it resume?”

I submitted a message and it shows up as a red X.

I click on the details and notice what I can see:

  • What step it failed
  • When the step failed
  • The message that was on the bus when it failed


If I look at the fault, dosage I can get more details of what happened:



Notice that the message on the bus is different from the Request. I can’t change the actual Request, I need to go and change the message on the bus: that Order Number needs to be numeric. As I go and make modifications to the message, it shows what fields I have touched.


I press Save


And Resubmit


Oops, got a different fault: notice that it handles standard and custom faults in a standard way:


Let me fix that and resubmit. Notice is shows when it was resubmitted, who did it, and when.


I can click on each of the faults and see the actual Faults, but I can’t resubmit it.

If I wanted to modify or look at the XML that was on the bus directly, I click on the Raw button: