Feb 192013

When you install BizTalk 2013, rx be default, cialis you can’t create itineraries. I was under the distinct impression that the ESB setup was all handled though the BizTalk setup dialog.

However, abortion I am mistaken. If you want the itinerary flow designer, there is an additional setup step required.

In the folder where the BizTalk setup is found, there is a VSIX package installer:


Once you install it, you see this confirmation dialog:

VISX Confirmation


Happy itinerary designing!

  • Mike Bodell

    Wondering if this post is relevant to the BTS 2013 RTM. I have been unable to locate the .vsix you’re referring to when installing the ESB Toolkit 2.2 that comes with the RTM.

  • It appears that the itinerary flow designer is installed when you install and configure the Toolkit.

  • Số Hai

    Could you send me Microsoft.Practices.Services.Itinerary.DslPackage.vsix please.
    my email tnnghiem@tma.com.vn
    Thanks you very very much 🙂